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Glenn Lee napsal(a) recenzi pro 2017
Singapur, Singapur12 příspěvků3 body za pomoc
Visited SIR Tailor many months back when they were at their old location. I’ve tailored at many different places - particularly in Singapore and in Hong Kong (Sam’s Tailors/WW Chan). So here’s the good and the bad: when I compare SIR against the other tailors that I have patronised. Unfortunately SIR is the only Vietnamese tailor that I have visited, so I can’t say for the other tailors. Good === 1. I think tailoring (or at least premium style ones) is still at its infancy stage in Vietnam so SIR is about educating the masses. 2. Clothes were on time - they promised 1 week for shirts to be delivered. 3. I only visited once to choose the fabrics and get my measurements done - they were excellent - that I won’t deny. Bad === 1. Expensive when it comes to the “premium” fabrics, premium in this case relates solely to Thomas Mason fabrics. Perhaps the label of TM should be affixed to the shirt for authenticity purposes. 2. Limited range of fabrics - you get a lot of local/Chinese fabrics off unbranded fabric swatches books. - perhaps the need to look at getting Soktas etc. 3. Overseas shipping incurs hefty charges - other tailors would gladly ship for free. No tracking number too. 4. The old location was a bit small but I hear they have since moved - so maybe that’s a bad point that has now changed to good. 5. Service was a bit slow - they took a while to serve - they was another American couple there at the same time who seemed a bit impatient.
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Datum zážitku: leden 2017
1 bod za pomoc
Autor odpovědi: Linh V, Public Relations Manager zařízení SIR Tailor
Zodpovězeno: 4. 1. 2018
Dear Glen, Thank you very much for your review. We hope you are pleased with the products we delivered to you. Let me clarify some of the "bad" points you listed: 1. Expensive: at $160 & $270 per bespoke shirt, discount up to 15% on package of 2, 3 & more. We can justify our price with the fabric quality, fit & design 2. Limited range of fabrics: All of our shirtings come from Italy, Switzerland & Turkey; the story behind is long but basically our sister company has been working with a Swiss partner for 20 years in MTM/Bespoke shirt making. The Swiss partner has been providing all the machinery & materials sourcing in Italy/Turkey/Switzerland. It's really easy to get those labels of Albini, Alumo, Carlo Riva, and alikes; it's so easy to fake. But we don't do that. We believe in our shirting quality only the customers can tell when touching, wearing. And no we don't use local/Chinese fabrics for shirting at all. 3. Overseas shipping - we use DHL & FedEx. The story with Vietnamese logistics is that we bear much more cost comparing to other countries. Vietnam logistic scene has not developed thoroughly. Every day the number of cargo/freight flights & ships leaving is just fraction comparing to Hongkong, Singapore, Korea... Try to send a standard parcel from Singapore to Vietnam - $5 to $10 incurred. Try to do it vice versa, same addresses - $50 easily. And once the cost of shipping itself is 1/3 of the product price... No tracking number - our apology for that. Since June 2017 we took better care of customer service & communication. Actually, before I joined the company, the admin has no idea about tracking number. 4. Yes, the old location was located on the busiest street in Saigon (also most expensive I'd say) hence the property couldn't be more than 3.8m in width. We moved to a more quiet & peaceful neighborhood in Saigon Pearl, better atmosphere for bespoke & much larger in space. 5. We have grown 3 times in terms of human resources plus the new place is at least 2.5 times larger, with 2 floors dedicated to customer service. We hope that we could have a chance to serve you at the new location. So once again, thank you very much for choosing us as your tailoring choice in Viet Nam and your review. It means a lot to us. Hope that you would come back to SIR Tailor in the near future. Regards, SIR Tailor
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