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Lenox Inn

33 Kinard Bridge Rd, Lenox, GA 31637-6802
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Č. 1 z 2 hotelů – Lenox
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33 Kinard Bridge Rd, Lenox, GA 31637-6802
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I was scared by the other reviews, but we didn't have any options. I was so pleasantly surprised by numerous things about this place. The couple who checked us in at 3 a.m. couldn't have been more sweet and charming. We had clearly roused them from bed but there were kind, smiling and helpful. They even offered to give our children breakfast then & there although breakfast clearly shouldn't be starting for hours and they were clearly needing to get back to sleep. The room was simple but all the basic needs (including soap and shampoo) were covered. There was even a refrigerator and microwave. The bathroom & shower were not new but they were perfectly clean. The furnishings may have been old, but they were clean. We inspected the mattresses and linens (because of horror stories in other reviews) and found no problems whatsoever. The beds were super comfortable memory foam. This place isn't fancy, but for the $50 we were charged it was way cleaner and more comfortable than we expected. No, it's not a resort - but its better than what one should expect for the low price it costs to stay here. I wouldn't want to stay here for a week's vacation or anything, but I was thrilled to have a decent place to sleep and support a hard-working family who takes care of the place. Thanks for not making us feel guilty about checking in so late & best of luck!
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we were evacuating from Irma, and being on the road for 12 hours, where at that point should have been 9, we were about to drive off the road we were so tired. I booked this place on -- the lady who was in the reception area couldn't find my booking (no surprise, I am actually confused as to what interface computer system they could possibly have with in the first place) but she read my email and honored the price. we got to the room, and I instantly thought of Jesse's motel room in Breaking Bad. One of my cats wouldn't even come out of the carrier to sleep on the bed. The other one growled at the bathroom was shut...not kidding. There was no tv, the lamps not plugged in, there was a sink next to the desk table/chair, and other chair was ripped where stuffing was coming out. There was a lighter under the bed, I was surprised we didn't find needles. We took a 90 minute nap on the covers and got back on the road. But hey, it makes a good part of our hurricane story!!
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Don't do it.. It is Not worth it!! I'm a bargain shopper.. But this goes beyond anything reasonable.. hair in the "clean" bed.. Stains on the floor... The guy could barley soak English.. They couldn't process a card .I left 1 star because I couldn't leave a negative..i left without staying..
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My husband booked this hotel for work travel. He checked in at 6am and checked out at 9am. There was rat feces on the bed and on the walls, along with visible bed bugs, and left over hair in the beds. Overall FILTH! When checking out, the front desk said they would only charge for one night, but charged my card for the whole reservation of 7 nights. I called to get a refund, and was blatantly lied to about the charges. I had to file a dispute on my credit card against the hotel. Also they do not serve breakfast as advertised. RUN, DO NOT WALK, RUN FAR AND FAST FROM THIS PLACE!!!
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This motel is rated as 2-stars on this site and 3-stars on another site. Not quite sure who assigns the star rating but they should actually visit the property. The staff was very friendly but that is about the only positive thing I can say. People were cooking their dinner in the parking lot and dogs were running around. A man was leaning against the office wall clearly drinking. We paid the bill, got back in the car and drove home.
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Ano, pro hosty je dostupné parkování: bezplatné parkování.
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Ano, nachází se 0,6 km od centra destinace Lenox.