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Fotografie ubytovacího zařízení Elba Sara Beach & Golf Resort – Fotografie: Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura: Fotografie

Z recenze : Disappointed (Elba Sara Beach & Golf Resort)
Average hotel
Would possibly stay here again
Would possibly stay here again
Average hotel
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tiny500 napsal(a) recenzi říj 2018
Swanage, Spojené království53 příspěvků21 bodů za pomoc
First of all we arrived a bit early to check in to our room,which was ok got checked in ,but had to wait for our room,told to go back to reception at 12 30 so we did ,to be told not ready.come back at 1 30 .again we went back,and again told not ready .we saw people check in and
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Datum pobytu: září 2018
Autor odpovědi: LManrique, Director General zařízení Elba Sara Beach & Golf Resort
Zodpovězeno: 2. 11. 2018
Dear tiny500, First of all thank you for taking your time to review here your recent holiday experience at the Elba Sara Beach & Golf Resort. Since our guests and their satisfaction are the most important things for us, we are very sorry to read that you did not enjoy your holidays at our Resort and that our services have not been able to meet your personal expectations. In particular, we regret to know that you felt disappointed about the check-in procedure, the lack of sea view from your room and food quality/variety of our Buffet restaurant. You mentioned in your comments that you had to wait until 3pm to get your room even when you arrived at the Hotel early in the morning, and that while you were waiting for your room you saw other people checking-in and getting their keys. We totally understand that this could be annoying, but please take into account that the time of the check-in in our Hotel is effectively fixed at 3pm, since the check-out time for the leaving guests is at 12am and our maids need time to clean the rooms for the arrivals. For this reason, the room check-in is does not really depend on the time in which you arrive, but rather on the time in which the previous guests leave the room you have been allocated to. We are sorry to read that the view from your room did not correspond to your expectations, but we want to let you know that in these cases (if our guests report their discontent) our Reception Staff are always available to help and find for our customers a different and better solution, more suitable for their needs. If we had known you were not happy with your allocation, we could have done something to solve your issues and meet your wishes. With regard to your feedback on our food service: in our Buffet restaurant our chefs try every day to meet a wide range of different tastes in in order to satisfy customers from all over the world. In order to avoid the food to be repetitive for our guests, every night the Buffet is based on a different theme for the evening meal (international, spanish, mexican, canarian and asiatic, besides the italian à la carte dinner at the Tucan bar). Our guests are generally happy with the quality and the variety of the food we serve, as you can personally verify taking a look at the online reviews (both here on Tripadvisor and on other virtual platforms) that have been written from other guests who stayed at our Hotel during your same period. The food temperatures are checked every day from our Head Chef before the Buffet opening, in order to guarantee our guests their hot meal. As for your comments about the presence of cockroaches: unfortunately, these insects are endemic to the Canary Islands and in general to all places which have a subtropical warm climate like ours. For this reason, it is perfectly possible that you saw some of them inside the Resort, as they can easily enter from terrace doors/windows left open. However, their presence does not have any relation with the cleaning/hygiene standards of our Hotel (you can easily see them also on the streets if you go out for a walk). In order to guarantee the lowest possible presence of these insects inside the Resort, we have an external supplier that minimum twice a month comes to our hotel to disinfect the sewage system and the gardens, so that actually their small presence is in no way to be considered a “problem”. To conclude, we want to apologize for the inconvenience we caused you because of the closure of one of our three pools during your stay with us: unfortunately, at the beginning of October an unforeseen technical issue occurred and we have been forced to close our heated pool until its complete repair in order to ensure the safety of our guests. We are really sorry to read that due to all the little issues you experienced during your stay you do not think you will visit us again. We thank you for the good comments on our Staff (and our animation team in particular), as well as on the cleanliness of your room. We will certainly pass your comments to our Housekeeper service. We hope you will change your mind and decide to come back here in future to give us the opportunity of showing you an Elba Sara that lives up to your expectations. Best regards,
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